Can an F-1 student take just ONLINE courses? help

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Can an F-1 student take just ONLINE courses? help

Postby justme2015 » Wed, 06 May 2015 12:13:26 -0500

Good day!

I am currently in US. I am on H4 visa which is about to expire. I am thinking of studying but I have to shift to F1 visa for that. I am turning 21 that is why my H4 will no longer be valid.

Now, my problem is I have no driver's license yet and I have to actually depend on my mother future workplace in deciding where to study.
I am thinking that it would be better for me to study purely online in a university offering online courses so that I will not have problems on transportation and so I can start applying as early as now, and not only when my mom has finally find a new place to work.

But, I need that university offering online course to also be a university that will issue I-20 so I can apply for F1 because I can no longer stay with my mother for long in H4 visa. More than studying online, I really want to stay here with my mother but I want it to be legal and right. IS it possible for me to apply for F1 visa and take purely ONLINE classes?

I really need answer to this. Most Universities that I called that are purely online does not know anything about I-20 and F1 visa... so I am thinking that maybe F1 visa is really only for students who are gonna take classes on campus.

I need an answer. Thank you.
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