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Postby sanewoman26 » Wed, 03 Dec 2014 04:22:57 -0500

i live in a SE Asian country that has many students who use studying in America as a ploy to be an Immigrant. I fully intend to return to the Philippines and I have an American Sponsor who has lived in the Philippines for 18 years and has businesses here. He wants to set aside $50,000 dollars for a 2 year study to expand my present BS degree in nursing with more a psychiatric bent so I can work with my sister in law who is a medical doctor here to expand her business.

I perceive Several problems about the Affidavit of Support. My American sponsor here cannot get his Bank in the U.S. to set up a new account for my guaranteed support because neither he nor I live in America. What can he do? He also wants to be sure that if the F1 visa is not approved he will be able to reclaim the $50,000. He has money in a local SE Asian bank but again how does he set up such an account so that he gets the money back if the F1 is not approved. He is my present employer and is 76 years old but in good health.

I work with him on exercising, medications, making deposits and business withdrawals, legal matters etc and he is quite fond of me but he is definitely not a boyfriend and has a separated wife here who he is fighting over for control of a lot of properties and resorts. Will the Visa examiner buy this story which is absolutely true but the question of whether or not I can ever repay within his expected lifetime is somewhat questionable. He says that if he dies earlier than expected then the debt would be automatically forgiven.

Any advice you can give us would be deeply appreciated.
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