Eight questions to ask yourself when you’re considering

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Eight questions to ask yourself when you’re considering

Postby gregorymboelter » Thu, 19 May 2016 11:56:51 -0500

When people begin to reflect on their careers it is most often due to a feeling that something in their current position isn’t right. Do the hours no longer suit you due to a lifestyle change? Are you unsatisfied due to boring work, workplace politics or a bad boss? Have you lost the passion for the role or are there no opportunities to expand your role?

If so, it could be time to look for another job, or it may be time to pursue the career you’ve always thought about (and quickly dismissed).

Take some time for yourself and do a self-assessment. Is a career change realistic at this stage? Are your skills and knowledge transferable or is there a skills gap? Will you have to return to study?
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