University of Manchester or University of Glasgow

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University of Manchester or University of Glasgow

Postby WillyH » Sat, 21 Mar 2015 10:38:53 -0500

Hello everyone:

I am currently under pressure to make a choice between two different Master programs. Both are in social sciences: specifically, one is MA Political Economy (University of Manchester) and the other one is MSc Global Economy (University of Glasgow). Both Masters are similar. The thing is that if I am not wrong, the University of Manchester is more prestigious, particularly in this field; but on the other hand, the Master I have been admitted to in the University of Glasgow is more oriented to further study (possibly, a PhD). Thus, statistical methods seem to be of greater relevance in the Glasgow program than in the Manchester program. All in all, I have some of questions.

- First, "ceteris paribus", which university do you consider to be better in social sciences? Why?

- Second, what would you value more, the prestige of the University or the weight of statistical methods, if you wanted to take a PhD?

- Third, could you please add ANY other relevant information for me to take the "best" option (if there is really a best)?

My background is Political Science (4 years, in Spain). Thank you all.

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