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languages help

Postby nick55555 » Wed, 04 Mar 2015 06:27:40 -0500

Hello,pleeease can somebody help me translate this text? I know it's correct in english but not sure about the other languages

• Play on any Windows® / Mac® / Linux® computer with a USB® port.
• Simply plug in and play - no installation drivers required.
• All buttons can be configured.
• Long cable.

• Juega en cualquier ordenador Windows® / Mac® / Linux con un puerto USB®.
• Sólo tiene que conectar y jugar - no hay controladores de instalación necesarios.
• Todos los botones se pueden configurar.
• Cable largo.

• Jouez sur ne importe quel ordinateur Windows® / Mac® / Linux® avec un port USB®.
• Il suffit de brancher et de jouer - aucun pilote d'installation nécessaires.
• Tous les boutons peuvent être configurés.
• Long câble.

• Spielen Sie auf einem beliebigen Windows® / Mac® / Linux® -Computer mit einem USB® Port.
• Anschließen und spielen - keine Installation erforderlich Fahrer.
• Alle Tasten sind konfigurierbar.
• Lange Kabel.

• Играть на любом компьютере Windows® / Mac® / Linux® с портом USB®.
• Просто подключите и играть - никаких водителей установки требуется.
• Все кнопки могут быть настроены.
• длинный кабель.

•可以在含有USB®的电脑 上播放,支持的操作系� �有Windows® / Mac® / Linux®。
•无需安装驱动程序,� �入后即可播放。
•用户可以设置所有按� �的功能。

Thanks for any help!
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Re: languages help

Postby yomuzoku » Thu, 23 Jun 2016 03:55:49 -0500

Hello Nick,
It is always a good practice to get suggestions in the field you want to be perfect. Each and every one has different way of teaching a particular topic or a language.
I suggest you to mark YOMUZOKU for your reference to learn Japanese translations. Yomuzoku is a online Japanese course, you can use it as a tool to know how to read Japanese.

Thank you.
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