PG Diploma in canada

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PG Diploma in canada

Postby seeker00 » Fri, 09 Aug 2013 02:38:18 -0500

Hi All,

Im an MBA from an Aussie university and now looking to do a one year PG diploma in Canada.

To start off with, My undergrad was in bachelors of commerce so basically my qualification is mainly in business/commerce, though i would have loved to live in Australia but due to PR issues I will have to leave Australia in a month's time, so if you guys can please help me out by suggesting/helping me with few queries, firstly, which courses (PG Diploma, 1 Year) are in demand that would help me in getting PR?, Secondly, my guess is that in order to gain residency i will have to work in my study related field for minimum 8 months out of 1 year if work visa is granted, is it correct?, Thirdly, would there be any advantage of an MBA degree from an Aussie uni when filing for PR in canada? and lastly, for student visa do i have to appear for IELTS, if yes then would they consider OCTOBER 2012 GENERAL IELTS Score L- 7.7, R - 7 , W - 6.5 & S- 8?

Appreciate your response.

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Re: PG Diploma in canada

Postby BroadMind » Tue, 27 Aug 2013 03:54:21 -0500


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