Study in the USA - Where to start?

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Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby StudentGuru » Mon, 10 May 2010 02:14:04 -0500

Are you an international student that is looking to study in the USA? InternationalStudent.com has all the tools to help you realize your dreams of studying abroad:

The best way to start on your quest is to research and locate potential schools you are interested in attending. The USA has thousands of colleges and universities from private and public institutions, specializing in all different education areas. To help you narrow down your choice, the InternationalStudent.com Study in the USA School Search allows you find all the information you need about schools - and then them directly. Using the service is free, so start today:

Once you have started to search for schools through the school search, you can also try the International Student Concierge Service, designed to match students up with colleges and universities that are looking to grow their international student body. Again, this is a free service and once your details are submitted, they will be provided to schools who will you directly with information about their campus and programs. Find our more and submit your details at:

Hopefully these two services will give you a starting point and a foot in the door with institutions you are interested in, or who are interested in you!

Good luck!
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby hanasaunt » Mon, 12 Jul 2010 03:24:10 -0500

Hi, my 17-yr old niece just graduated from a high school in China. She wants to study in the USA for her college education. I am a USA citizen and is willing to provide her the financial support. However, she was told that the fact that she has relatives in the USA would hurt her chance of getting an F-1 visa because the visa officer will think that she has immigration tendency. I think that is ridiculous. How can a 17-yr old girl immigrate? She can't immigrate as a direct relative to a US citizen, she has no skill to be employed, she can't marry... She just wants to get education here. It should be a positive thing that she has a relative here to guide her and support her. Does anyone have feedback on this issue? Is having a relative in USA actually a minus for getting a foreign student visa? Thanks for your inputs!!!
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby youngtoucher » Sat, 31 Jul 2010 09:18:41 -0500

i just got admission int one of the universities in Ghana and looking for sponsorship for financial aid to pay for my admission fees before 15th August this .am from Ghana and my is 00233277170223. attached is my admission letter
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby crawleyj » Thu, 12 Aug 2010 11:27:14 -0500

Dear Hanasaunt,

It really deonds on how the immigration officer chooses to look at the situation. He could look at it as a great support system for the student or he could look at it as a way for the student to get into the US without the intention of coming home. The student needs to be very confident in her educational plans and show that she will retunr to her home country when she is done. If she mentions wanting to work or in any way stay in the US this will cause an almost certain denial.

I wish her the best of luck!

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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby dwaine18 » Sun, 22 Aug 2010 04:17:26 -0500

If you really want to attend an American University the best place to prepare is The University
Of English. Their University Prep Plus program helped get me into Harvard University with
Almost a full financial Aid package. All staff members at the University are graduates of Ivy League schools. Even if you do not have perfect grades you should apply. The Staff at the University of English will highlight your strengths in such a way that they will outweigh your weaknesses. The rules of the Ivy League schools have changed and now
International students have more options of attending these schools with financial aid. Schools
Like Harvard and Penn offer full financial aid to international students. The Program at The University Of English is highly regarded and comes with a money back guarantee. If your really serious about Changing your future you should start with them. They helped me.

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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby iknow » Sun, 22 Aug 2010 06:38:57 -0500

I think as long as she doesn't hint any intent to stay in America, She will be fine and they will be happy to have her in.
The interview stage will be the crucial part for her I guess. How fortunate that she has an Aunt who is willing to sponsor her.
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby hanasaunt » Mon, 30 Aug 2010 12:49:08 -0500

Thanks, Jim and iknow. Your answers are very helpful. :)
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby yasirwesa » Sun, 05 Sep 2010 05:45:23 -0500


I want to start my further studies in USA, Right now im green card holder so where to start ?

I m 23 years old i m high school graduated and i really need some english classes now what should i do ??????????


Yasir m wesa
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby pekmezusha » Thu, 09 Sep 2010 05:36:50 -0500

I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I study at Pedagogical faculty in Bosnia, Zenica, Department of English and Literature, and am about to start my final (senior) year. I have heard that there are programs for international students who would like to spend a year or a semester abroad with a financial aid of course. I would love to improve my English skills and to graduate abroad. Also, I am interested in getting my masters degree abroad. Can anyone help providing info? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby stargazergal » Fri, 10 Sep 2010 06:39:41 -0500

Really helpful information, especially the conceirge service, thanks for sharing :)
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby enomakos » Mon, 13 Sep 2010 08:49:22 -0500

thanks for the informations ,men
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby Pittsburgh Joe » Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:44:29 -0500

I just want to suggest that any young foreign student who would like to begin their studies in the USA should look into community colleges in the state where they want to study. They are a lot cheaper than University ESL programs, especially ones run by "ELS Language Centers"...not to be confused with "ESL". Most community colleges have ESL classes, but not ESL programs. However, a new student can take ESL classes at the community college, and also take other classes leading to a two year associates degreee! In many cases it is cheaper and better than signing up for an English Second Language program at a four year university.
Pittsburgh Joe
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby Milee » Wed, 22 Dec 2010 07:09:03 -0500

I am Milee from Pakistan...I want to apply for US Student Visa..I have gone through many sites but still I am confused .I am presently doing BS in Education ..I have no idea what to do next? and how to apply..Please help me..

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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby Nastaren » Mon, 31 Jan 2011 04:47:42 -0500

hey guys, I am an international student blogger at Florida State University from Pakistan.. Right now I act as a student ambassador to increase our outreach. We blog about stuff that goes on here in FSU and also about college life and tips which we think would be helpful in selecting colleges/ making decisions and then eventually tips that help while living here!
I'm posting a link so check it out and ask questions I hope it helps
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Re: Study in the USA - Where to start?

Postby GrungeKid » Sun, 20 Mar 2011 02:11:48 -0500

You Guys i need help im a 15 year old student from England London and i need to know everything there is about studying and working in the Usa !
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