internships & traineeships for graduates

If you are looking for work as a student around the world, check out this forum as job postings will be listed from time to time for international students.
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internships & traineeships for graduates

Postby noopie » Sat, 05 Mar 2016 04:05:47 -0500

Hey everyone! I have looked for summer programs / internships / traineeships that graduates can do too for a long time. Most seem to be tailored for undergraduates, however I recently finished my master's so I am not in that situation anymore. Does anyone know of these kinds of programs? Kind of a stepping stone for your career? I don't mind where in the world it is - except Australia as I am arachnophobic (I am actually serious). It can be so hard to find a first job so it would be ideal for me. Thanks in advance!
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