part time oversea Marketing Representative

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part time oversea Marketing Representative

Postby floatingapple » Sat, 18 Apr 2015 02:13:48 -0500

Hi all,

Do you speak fluent French? Are you interested in being our part-time Oversea Marketing Representative in France? DealeXtreme is one of the biggest E-commerce companies in China, we are now recruiting more people in France. You can easily do the work at home with your pc and reporting to your supervisor regarding the work.

Job Description:
1.Facilitate staff located in DX China for planning and execution of campus marketing events;
2.Research and study French market and report to DX in a timely manner;
3.Research the latest online and offline advertising channels and report to DX in a timely manner.

Job Requirement:
1.University students
2.Proficiency in French and English
3.Have enough time to deliver excellent performance

Working Time: approx. 2-3hrs/day, Monday to Friday
Payment: around 10EUR/hr (possible to negotiate)
Contact: Chen Xiu
Email: chenxiu[at]comepro.com

More information, visit dx.com
Interested? Please send your CV in English to us asap.
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