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Express Immigration Entry Program for Canada

PostPosted: Fri, 05 Jan 2018 02:08:53 -0500
by lizajack2013
What Does the Express Entry Program Mean for International Students?

According to CIC, “the Express Entry system was implemented to ensure that Canada’s economic and labour market needs are met.”

During a time when the country’s economy continues to suffer due to shortages of skilled laborers, the program was created not only to prioritize the candidates most likely to contribute, but also to accelerate the process of their entry into the workforce. The CIC further suggests that the program will help facilitate connections between those invited to apply and potential employers.

While the Express Entry system has many proponents, it also has its share of detractors who object to the combination of stringent requirements and quota system. Their concern? That the system may result in exceptional candidates being turned away due to issues with the timing of their work experience, lack of job offers, and other irrelevant factors.