F1 VISA for Divorcee and her dependent

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F1 VISA for Divorcee and her dependent

Postby rdf1visa » Wed, 11 May 2016 09:09:17 -0500

I am on H1B Visa with my wife and child on H4. My sister(divorced) and her daughter lives with my parents and recently she wrote GRE, TOEFL and got admitted to 2 universities. She have a Masters degree(graduated 2003). My parents(both retired have visitor visa) were the sponsor for her education and stay in the US and we had all the financial documents which are typically required(CA certificate, Bank Letter, A/C statement, etc). She appeared for the interview in Mumbai a couple days ago and got rejected.
Questions asked by VO - (Answers in parenthesis)
1. Why are you going to USA(Higher Education)
2. What degree(MS)
3. You already have a Master degree why again(this Masters degree will be a great addition to my knowledge in a international prospective and will be very helpful for my career)
4. Who is sponsoring your education(My parents)
5. What do they do and how they will sponsor( My parents are retired and they have savings and they also get regular pension)
6. Do you know where is your ex-husband(No)
7. Does he ever come to meet you or your daughter(No)
VO started typing something and didn't ask anything further
8. I am not convinced as of now, I cannot grant you a visa(is there a specific reason/question you have. Would you like to verify any documents?)
9. I cannot grant you VISA at this time.

This was the complete conversation and I am not sure what went wrong here. I have few questions on this -
1. Will it make a difference if I become her sponsor?
2. Will it help if we can try and gather information of her ex-husband and share the same with the VO?
3. She now has a negative vibe about the Mumbai consulate, is it a good idea to re-apply at a different consulate?

I'll really appreciate if someone can share additional information on this kind of case.

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