33zR8XX6 jordan 3 retro infrared 23 HYkbd1pF

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33zR8XX6 jordan 3 retro infrared 23 HYkbd1pF

Postby keynes335 » Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:13:27 -0500

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Everything else was good. Get free stuff at the booths; lines long, but wait times not too bad. Rowdy fans torched couches and turned over cars that night.After Kentucky sealed its win Monday night in New Orleans, fans back home streamed out of bars to fill the intersection of Euclid and Woodland streets, some throwing beer cans into the air. Police in riot gear looked on but kept their distance at that sport blue 6s corner.Some revelers even stopped officers and asked to get photos taken with them and to shake hands.
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