MEDICAL CHECK UP to face as an international student

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MEDICAL CHECK UP to face as an international student

Postby iamprince » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 04:01:13 -0500

Hi, i am a graudate from bangladesh [beside india]. I am planning for higher studies preferably at USA.

However, i am concerned about "if there is any MEDICAL CHECK UP i have to face at any point of the whole process [from applying to enter the class room] and if so when and which tests".

I have some initial idea, here i share with you:

[1] before leaving country: as far as i know, no medical check up needed by US embassy to get US VISA. However, people get some immunization as required by university. [i have seen people to get student VISA for 5 years]

[2] after entering USA: i do not know anything, in this case:

[i] is there any medical check up required by US govt?
[ii] as i know, my versity will require to have me a health insurance. Do i have to face any medical check up to get the health insurance?

If there is any medical check, what are the possible tests:

(a) BP check?
(b) TB check?
(c) Hepatatis test?
(d) HIV test?
(e) any other test? etc.

Please let me know the info.... thanks a lot for your patience & help.
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